International co-operation
Project development & management
Carrying out analyses and studies


ERKAS is offering services to all public institutions and private outfits, involved in development activities, applicable to the whole of

  • local governments
  • the unions of local governments
  • other local administrative development organizations


  • composing the plans for development in aid and education
  • financing the projects in aid and education, by issuing small time loans
  • carrying out projects in aid and education, by generating seminal ideas for the projects, drawing up relevant documents, effecting project management, providing supervision over the projects in process, giving progress evaluation
  • generating, starting, managing, coordinating and bolstering the ideas of cross-border cooperation between local governments, counties and regions with the eventual aim to put into effect the cooperation of local governments, counties and regions
  • generating the directions and ideas for development
  • composing the documents for development
  • finding the sources of funds
  • composing the documents for the given project and for its application
  • managing the projects of development
  • supervision over and evaluation of the projects

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